Fun, fun, fun!
Jennifer's Birthday, 2008
Surprises, travels, a wedding
Jennifer's trip East for the 10th anniversary of her 40th birthday celebration in New York City was a huge success.
 Wednesday was a train ride home, dinner out with Roberta and Tom back in NJ and planning for the next segment of the trip - the North Jersey wedding.

Thursday was supposed to include a quick morning visit to the ever elusive Statue of LIberty, but fate intervened once again.

Tom dropped Jenn and Jasmine, the flower girl, off at a friend's and they all headed up for the Jones wedding.

It was great!

She and Jasmine arrived just after midnight on October 3rd at Philadelphia Airport and were whisked home to Eastampton, NJ for a late night celebration with Roberta and Tom.
Although it was hard to convince Jasmine of the fact, we woke up to it still being Jennifer's birthday, October 3rd. 
A delicious dinner by Tom and attendance at the Bridgeplayers presentation of "Godspell" were some highlights of the day.
Saturday morning we headed out later than expected for a week-end jaunt to New York City.
  We stoppped and waved at the Statue of Liberty from Liberty Park, but had to rush on for our reservation at Carmine's near Times Square.
Jennifer was surprised and delighted to find unexpected luncheon companions seated at the table - siblings Sue and Jeff who had secretly flown in for the special occasion, and cousins Beej and Bradley, also in on the surprise plans.
  After a sumptuous repast, some headed home, we walked around town for a bit and then Jeff took Jasmine to the acquired hotel in Koreatown, and the sisters headed out to see "In the Heights", a Tony-award-winning Broadway musical.
Sunday morning, Roberta arrived at La Quinta with Jenn's left luggage and joined the Jenn-Jasmine-Jeff-Sue crew to hook up with Millie, Harry, and Bradley for brunch.

Next on the Jenn celebratory agenda was "Mary Poppins", the musical, which was practically perfect in every way.

Not so perfect was another attempted mission to see Lady Liberty- this time from the NYC side via subway.
Time ran out once again, and it was Sue, Ro, Jenn, Jasmine train ride to NJ time.
Monday's highlight was a whirlwind trip to historic Philadelphia... 

the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Elfreth's Alley, Sonny's cheesesteaks.
Tuesday Jenn and Jasmine packed their bags and headed to Washington, D.C. 
They hooked up with Hannah, were able to stay with Bob and Cathy and toured some major Washington sites.
Saturday night was packing and reminiscing time.
Sunday to the airport and back to reality.

Can't wait 'til the next one!!!!
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