Fun and Games !
A Brief Background
 I  love playing games. So after my husband, Tom, introduced me to the gamesite it didn't take long for my addiction to kick in!

It started with Word Whomp and extended to Turbo 21.

I joined a league, played in tourneys, and became an online tourney director.

600+ hosted tourneys later, I moved on.

The pogo people came up with Club Pogo. There was a yearly fee, but they offered a larger variety of games and badges (see glistening eyes).

I joined.

I started playing Lottso and came across a newly formed, fast growing league called Megalottso.

It was fun while it lasted!
Caution: playing pogo games can be addictive !
If you are willing to take the plunge, or already have, here are some quick links to get you started. 
bratz league
This is your starting point. Check it out. Play the games. Have fun!
The next step is to join a league. I have been a tourney director for a couple of leagues, but now I am back to enjoying regular member status in a number of leagues.
The Cases URL is:
I play tourneys in a variety of leagues. My favorite game to tourney in is Word Whomp.
I check the leagues' calendars to find the tourney times and locations.
The URLS for some of them are: redzone

You can contact me with questions or suggestions at my email address: [email protected]
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