Tom and Roberta
Hey, happy couple, watch out for that dinosaur!!!!
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We like:
country dancing
playing games
telling jokes
visiting our family
taking pictures 

We love being married!!!!!!
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Latest news:
From Roberta:
    Hard to believe I have been retired 
for over twelve years now.
   I really enjoy re-connecting with former students on Facebook...and my group site-"Everything I Know I Learned in Fifth Grade". My "Fiftyish Reunion" was so much fun as was  Tom's 50th in Hot Springs in October 2017 and our mini-reunion lunches with Piscataway friends ever since.
   I volunteer at  CONTACTand SHIP, serve on the Eastampton Rec Committee, and am working my 
tenth season with H&R Block.
  I don't miss being editor of the BCEA website anymore . I have plenty of shutterfly share sites including ours, and am trying to keep up with three blog sites (!)  but I miss my old picasaweb google site and am struggling to deal with its replacement and figuring out Windows 10, which was thrust upon me.
    Tom's medical procedures have included bladder cancer, skin cancer twice, neck surgery, plantars faciatis, knee replacement,  cataract eye surgery, and  surgery for a torn meniscus. He has some back and neck issues now in addition to diabetes, afib, and his bladder cancer is back. He will be following a BCG regime for the next two years and sees a chiropractor and pain management doctor,  but golf, bowling, and dancing are still in the picture.
  Our business web portal is:
    Please feel free to check it out and join us if you want to shop! (We love the Market America nutritional products...especially OPC-3)

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Last updated: November 17, 2018
"We love you, man!"
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