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After I graduated from PTHS, I attended Trenton State College. I was on my own (emancipated minor) and lived first year on campus, second year off campus house (of Horrors) and last two years in an apartment on Stuyvesant Ave.(suffice to say it was reminiscent of the place Rosemary's Baby was conceived). I survived, graduated, got a job, and got married.

The job was as a fifth grade teacher at Millbridge Elementary School in Delran, NJ. The marriage was to Tony DiCerbo, a businessman I met my junior year of college while working at a movie theater (long story).

The teaching position lasted 35 years; the marriage, ten.

I loved being a fifth grade teacher, and I got heavily involved with the local association (DEA), county (BCEA) , state (NJEA), and attended 28 NEA Representative Assemblies (national association).

After I'd been not married longer than I'd been married, I fell in love with a long time friend I met country dancing named Tom Sallee. It was love at first sight after three years.

We got married a year and a week later.

That was in 1999 and we have lived happily ever after ever since.

I retired July 2006 and our jaunts these 4 years have included Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Reno, California, Ohio, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Arizona,  and Arkansas. (Aloha!) We hope to do a lot more traveling in the years to come. (Although...there's no place like home, as Dorothy would say)

If you know my siblings and are curious about their status: Sue is married to Patrick and lives in Pleasanton, CA and has three beautiful children. Jeff was married to Alex and had two sons. He lived in London for 18 years, spent  two years living with his family in Pelham, NY, and then passed away suddenly soon after moving with the boys to the  Washington, D.C. area to join his wife who had just started a new job there a few weeks before. His daughter from a previous marriage lived in the DC area and  was married in April 2012. Now she is in CA without him. Jennifer lives in Santa Clara, CA and has a  daughter and grandaughter. All of us ended up in either education or a field of journalism or both. 

I am on the computer a lot...feel free to email me and say hi. [email protected]
Info, LInks, and Pics.....Oh My!!!
I have tried my hand at many a website. Most started free, then went to have to pay. The one I miss the most is I loved that site. I taught it to my classes and we had some pretty awesome websites going with their pages on it. 
Who can ever forget the Black History contest website? And how about the Women's History Month website? I joined Nabster just to download "I am Woman" for it. Both are still up there, but just shadows of their former selves with the kids' pages gone. I had a great many class websites, too. In fact, I missed Teacher Web so much, I made the public accessible version of it for DKG (and got Marge Gessmann hooked on the teacher one at the same time so I could keep my hand in!)

There's still and I have my first year of retirement in words and pics on that. 
[Nov.1, 2015 update...frozen acct???Working on it..I hope it's not lost!]

There have been several varieties of over the years and I held onto them for awhile until ancestry decided to close that branch down. I downloaded all the photos before they were gone. Some are back online in various places. :-(

I had a bunch of stuff on aol's free websites, but they disappeared.

I lost several sites full of school related photos when msn dropped them. I did "migrate" most of the old msn sites to when they offered, but then, they, too, closed down. I salvaged what I could.

Oh, and not to forget the gazillion photo collections I have all over the place: shutterfly, Kodak, snapfish, photobucket......

Back to websites...there  was geo, there was lycos, there was a NJ one, there was a Scholastic so many. If they told me I could make a website for free...I tried it!!! Oh, yeah, and not to forget the wonderful PAA-Project Atmosphere Australia- that I was involved in for many years. Oh oh. And how about the magnificent Cybersurfari, the absolutely best interactive learning, exploring, competing website in the world! When that went under, I was devastated.

As of September, 2015 I am no longer webmaster for BCEA, but I still run one for Delta Kappa Gamma,   and I am the unofficial, self-appointed roving photographer for DKG, EastamptonCONTACT of Burlington County, my brunch group, and BCREA. I am a contributing reporter for the DEA website, and I have an unadvertised association website I update occasionally for fun: Eye on the Association.
Oh and I created a website for My Sister Sue on wordpress and the Fiftyish Reunion website is my work as well. Comcast bought me a weebly account that I've been playing with quietly.

I have a presence on Facebook as well as the old stand-by

Update: August 4, 2019
Apparently photobucket (free version) bit the dust and I don't know if my photos on all four(?) sites are recoverable or not...even paying 5 dollars a month for each.

Now that BCREA's website is going the way of NJEAsits, I started a new WordPress site to kind of check out that format again- I called it Retired and Happy - with the highlight being a link to my latest Goodread books I - with the highlight being a link to my latest Goodread books I've read reviews.

Also....I have been dong BCREA e-blasts on constant contact for a few years now and that will have to be changed over to MailChimp.
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